Interest is an enduring attitude that engages the individual's attention to make it selective towards the object of interest. It is also a state of motivation or set that guides behaviour in a certain direction or goals. The interest inventories/tests are the instruments designed to know/understand individual's interest in a variety of activities.

85. Chatterjee's non-language preference record by Chatterjee - (English):
This a standard test of interest to measure vocational interest on ten different areas. They are fine arts, literary work, scientific, Medical, agricultural, mechancal/technical, crafts, out door, sports and household work.

86. Career Preference Record by Vivek Bhargava and Rajashree Bhargava (Hindi/English):
Measures career preference or choices in 10 broad areas: Mass Media, Journalism and Information Technology, Artistic and Designing, Science and Technology, Agriculture and Horticulture, Commercial and Management, Medical Profession, Defence Services, Tourism and Hotel Management, Law and Order, Educational Administration and Teaching. It is standardized on 12 th class students.

87. Vocational interest record by P. Kulshrestha (Hindi/English): This test measures ten areas of vocational interest. They are literary, scientific, executive, commercial, constructive, artistic, agriculture, persuasive, social and household.

88. Indian Classificatory System of Vocational Expression Blank by S.S Chadha, H.K.Nijhawan and Dwarka Pershad (English):
It classifies 232 occupations into 2 dimensions. One dimension contains 10 areas of vocational fields and the other dimension covers three levels of occupations. This test is standardized on 1200 students of delta class and 500 students of X class.

89. Educational interest record by P. Kulshrestha (Hindi/English): This test measures seven areas of educational interest. They are agriculture, commerce, fine arts, home science, humanities, science and technology, clinical work and personality research.

90. Sodhi and Bhatnagar Interest Inventory for girls:
This 130 items inventory measures interest of adolescent girls on 11 different areas. They are interest in artistic work, clerical work, teaching, home management and administrative work.

91. Multifactor interest questionnaire by Kapoor and Singh (Hindi/English): This test measures eight areas of interest on business, clerical, agricultural, mechanical, scientific, out door activities, aesthetics and social.

92. Kakkar interest in teaching scale by S.B. Kakkar (English): It measures interest in teaching of elementary and secondary school education.

93. Comprehensive Interest Schedule by Snajay Vohra (English):
It helps us to identify interest of eight vocational areas: influential-administrative-enterprising, Venturous-defence-sports, artistic-creative-performing, Scientific-medical-technical, Analytical-Expressive-Computational,Social-Humanitarian-Education, Nature and clerical. It requires 20 minutes to respond and is available in two forms i.e male and female forms seperately.